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The Royal Baby cake

July 10, 2013


Someone asked me (as I live in France) if I was going to do my bit for England and do a Royal Baby Cake

I thought it was a great idea and a brilliant excuse for eating a lot of extremely brownie style chocolate cake…so this is a mud cake…fudgey through to the sides but holds well together for playing around with

My frills are white…I thought they looked best with the vintage  Union Jack bunting and  patchwork quilt…but if they were done in ivory and even sprayed with pearl coloured spray ..the options are endless and there is always baby pink and baby blue …

All you need pearls for the coronet…but they’d look so good stuck into the lace …lots and lots of them…

You’ll need 2 ½ kilos white sugar paste on the generous side…’flesh’ coloured sugarpaste…comes in packs of 250g

Sugarflair colours in ‘chestnut’,  ‘baby blue’ and ‘poppy red’…edible.. gold lustre and pearls..

Lace embossing kit

Also parchment paper, rolling pin, orange sticks, small knife, ideally with a bone handle for smoothing, small paint brush, stiff paper and coconut oil…indispensable for keeping the sugarpaste from drying out till your next cake project.

Heavenly Chocolate Mud cake

500 mls water

600 g sugar

375 butter

250 chocolate

150 plain flour, 170g chickpea flour, 1 teas baking powder,

3 tablesp choc powder.

4 eggs (medium)

Heat water and sugar to melt and add butter and choc

Cool…whisk in flour etc and eggs one at a time

Pour into pyrex dish…30 /35

Oven 160 for 70 minutes…

When cooled and flipped over..measure 10cms of width and from that point cut a sloping cut (to match the slope on the other outer edge. Then measure 10cms , again on the top, and cut a sloping cut – the opposite angle inwards. When the second piece is turned over on top of the first you’ll get a flat topped pyramid

The best bit next is to mix about 110g of butter, the same of icing sugar and three big pudding spoons of chocolate powder. This tastes just like the insides of expensive truffles. Spread any left uneaten between the two layers of cake


If the cake is going to sit on a base (mine is..) Stick layers of cardboard together…just a bit bigger than the base of the cake..and spray them white. An edging of paper lace is a nice finish too…and makes a start to the sugarpaste frills..

First I cut the cake its two sloping ends…leaving an area about 7 by 14 cms.( Bits cut off are cook’s perks of course)…I draped over about 300 g out of the one and ¼ kilos of white sugar paste rolled out quite thin over the cake with some melted apricot jam (which is the traditional jam I think…I used quince..) so it sticks.

00jam copy

00cake display1

00cake detail 12

I’m sure there’s proper way of doing these frills..or possibly using one of the other pastes or fondants…I’d like to know!   I got my embossers here..

But my way is to roll strips..thinnish at the edges…cut ‘teeth’ into the edge which match up to the lace points before pressing the mould on. you have to peel away gently…but a small tatter or two won’t notice…

Dampen the top of the back and press them on –  making folds. I added to the folds with stick on sausage shapes to give the next row of added frills more to drape on. Press between with a knife handle..a bone one does it smoothest.

Round and round – improving as you go – to the top.

When dryer and firm…scoop out the top in one piece and lay aside..drape over some white sugarpaste and sit up rolled sides to create the bassinet. Cut a quarter of the piece off and lay back in the bassinet.


Paint out a Union jack flag with the ‘’poppy red’’ and the ‘’baby blue’’…about the size of an envelope..

Cut off triangles randomly and roll them thinner between parchment paper…you’ll be able to cut them again, smaller. Dampen the backs and press around the top under the roll to make the vintage style bunting and then cutting the rest of the flag into rough squares…lay them on a rectangle which will be the quilt and roll it thinner to make the delicate patchwork. Tuck over and press soft wrinkles onto to create a puffy look…

Baby face:…mix half and half white and flesh coloured sugarpaste with a generous tip of the orange stick from the colour paste ‘chestnut’…go slowly with though..

Roll the ball in the palm of your hands…when you look again you’ll see you have a little soft point on the ball. Either you can use that to put on a little round nose and make three little holes for eyes and mouth…or practise a few times to get a more realistic baby face..

Roll a little white sausage to press over the forehead to make a cotton new baby cap and tuck the head into the bassinet. Roll two tiny pieces for the hands and press them into position using the orange stick to make fingers and stick them down..

Cut out a thickish hood shape and score with lines to look like folds on both sides




  1. Elisabeth permalink

    This is simply stunning!

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